Banking and Finance

Insight tailors debt recovery packages for the following products in the banking and finance industry

Credit Cards

Insight provides packages to those financiers requiring recovery on early & late consumer and commercial credit card debts.

Personal Loans

Insight provides packages to financiers requiring recovery assistance with outstanding personal loans.

Home Loans

Insight provides field services to financiers seeking recourse from debtors. This can extend from the service of notices through to conducting field calls as a means to engage with your customer. Conversely in the event of an eviction we will work in with the Sheriff to both oversee the eviction and secure the property.

Deficiency after Sale

After security assets have been sold and realised there is often a Deficiency after Sale (DAS). Insight can assist in recovering such shortfalls, be it for the realisation of a chattel or for real property.

Asset Sales

We provide end to end services. We issue notices once the chattel is repossessed according to the type of loan facility.
We arrange for valuations through our auction business partners.
We also facilitate the redemption process, and eventual sale of the chattel and also post sale notices.