Insight Mercantile Pty Ltd Privacy Policy

Insight Mercantile Pty Ltd (“Insight”) is a debt collection company. In the operation of its business Insight is required to collect and store your personal information. Insight is committed to maintaining the confidentiality, security and integrity of the personal information collected and stored by it. In accordance with its obligations under the Privacy Act 1988, the Australian Privacy Principles and the Credit Reporting Privacy Code Insight’ Privacy Policy sets out the manner in which Insight collects, stores and uses your personal information and how you can access or correct your personal information and make complaints.
The type of personal information collected, stored and used by Insight
Insight only collects and holds the personal information it needs to provide its services.

The type of personal information Insight collects including:-

  • Your name, date of birth, residential and postal address, contact numbers, email address, employment details;
  • Information regarding your account with the original credit provider including the contract, payments made, demands and other correspondence and other information such as any defaults or court proceedings.
  • Personal information and credit information held by credit reporting agencies.

Collection of your personal information by Insight
Insight will collect your personal information directly from you, if reasonably possible. If Insight is unable to collect your personal information directly from you it may collect your personal information from other sources such as the credit provider(s) which assigned your account(s) to Insight, credit reporting agencies, other persons such as clients or persons who know you or any third party, such as a legal representative, authorised by you to be your representative.

Insight may also collect information from publicly available sources of information such as the courts, the Australian Electoral Commission, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission or other sources such as databases subscribed to by Insight such as people search databases, property and tenancy databases.

Insight will take reasonable steps at or before the time this information is obtained to ensure you are made aware of how to contact Insight to access the information and how and why the information was collected.

For compliance, quality assurance and staff training purposes, for example when we communicate with you through telephone calls, we may record the telephone conversation with your consent for this purpose.

Any unsolicited information which Insight received about you will be destroyed or de-identified unless it is information it could have collected in the manner described above.

The purpose for which your personal information is collected, stored, used and disclosed by Insight
Insight uses your personal information for the purposes of properly conducting its business in recovering outstanding debts and in order to fulfil its legal obligations.

Insight will only use or disclose your personal information for any other purpose with your express or implied consent. However, Insight may use or disclose your personal information:

  • where such disclosure is required or permitted by law;
  • for a related purpose to the above mentioned matters in circumstances where you would reasonably expect Insight to use or disclose your personal information.

Who Insight discloses your personal information to

  • The credit provider who assigned your account to Insight.
  • Insight’s legal and other advisers.
  • Your authorised agents including your legal and financial advisers.
  • Any person or entity to whom disclosure is required by law or court order.
  • Insight’ outsourced service providers, agents or contractors appointed to provide services to Insight or its related, associated or affiliated companies such as process servers, tow operators or auction houses. Insight ensures that such third parties observe similar security measures as adopted by Insight.
  • Credit reporting agencies.

Credit reporting agencies will generally only be provided with information regarding your identification, your credit worthiness, the credit product held or being sought, your repayment history, any defaults and any serious credit infringements committed by you. In the event Insight disclose default information about you to a credit reporting agency, Insight will advise that credit reporting agency when you have fully discharged the default amount.

How your personal information is stored by Insight
Insight maintains the security of your personal information by implementing up-to-date security control systems including industry standard security and encryption processes and technology to prevent unauthorised disclosure or misuse of your personal information. Access to your personal information by Insight’ employees, service providers, agents or contractors is restricted to proper use for the purpose of the operation of Insight’ business. Employees of Insight undertake training in handling information and in preserving the privacy interests of individuals and businesses.

The length of time Insight holds your personal information
The personal information collected by Insight will be retained by it for the duration permitted or required under law. We will destroy or de-identify any personal information when the information is no longer required by Insight.

Can you refuse to provide your personal information to Insight?

You may refuse to provide your personal information to Insight.

Access to your personal information held by Insight
You are entitled to request access to your personal information held by Insight. You may obtain a copy of any personal information Insight holds about you by contacting Insight (see contact details below). When making a request for access to your personal information you must provide Insight with verification of your identity and other information required to identify you (such as previous names and addresses). If you engage another person to act on your behalf then Insight will require a written statement signed by you authorising the person identified in the statement to receive the personal information on your behalf. Your authorised representative will also need to provide proof of identity to Insight.

No fee is charged by Insight for you making such a request for access. However, a fee may be charged by Insight to process your request and to give you access to the personal information you require.

Under the Privacy Act 1988 there are certain circumstances where you are not entitled to access your personal information.

These include:-

  • where the information relates to legal proceedings with you;
  • where Insight is required or allowed by law, including the common law, not to disclose the information.

If Insight does not grant you access to all or some of your personal information Insight will provide you with a written statement explaining why you have not been provided with access to some or all of your personal information.

Correction of your personal information held by Insight

Insight strives to maintain your personal information held by it accurate, complete and up-to-date. You are entitled to make a request to Insight for your personal information to be corrected and/or updated if the information held by Insight is incorrect, incomplete or out of date. You must provide evidence to Insight to show that your personal information is incorrect and/or out of date. No fee is charged by Insight for such a request.

Insight will respond to your request for correction and/or updating of your personal information as soon as practicably possible and in any event no later than 30 days from the date your request is received by Insight.

Notifiable Data Breach

From February 22nd 2018, under section 3c of the Australian privacy act, any data breach incident which may cause significant harm to a person or persons, whose data has been breached, is deemed to be notifiable to the OAIC Commissioner and the affected parties. Insight have prepared a data breach incident response plan covering the identification, reporting, assessment, notification and review of such incidents, which fully envelops all obligations under the new legislation, should such an event occur.

How to lodge a complaint

If you are unhappy with the way your personal information is handled by Insight, or if you feel that Insight has breached the Australian Privacy Principles or Australian Privacy Principles Code, you may lodge a complaint via Insight’s Internal Dispute Resolution process.

Insight will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within three (3) days from the date your complaint is received. Insight will respond to your complaint within twenty (20) business days from the date your complaint is received (or such longer period as is agreed to by you). You may refer to Insight’ website for more information on its Internal Dispute Resolution process.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint you may lodge the complaint with the Credit Ombudsman Service Limited or the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner. The contact details for the Credit and Investments Ombudsman Service Limited, the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner and Insight are as follows:

Credit and Investments Ombudsman Service Limited
PO Box A252

Telephone: 1800 138 422 or (02) 9273 8400
Facsimile: (02) 9273 8455

Office of the Australian Information Commissioner
GPO Box 5218

Telephone: 1300 363 992
Facsimile: (02) 9284 9666

Australian Securities and Investments Commission
GPO Box 9827

Phone: 1300 300 630
Facsimile: (03) 5177 3999

Insight Mercantile Pty Ltd
PO Box 111

Telephone: (08) 9319 6666
Email: Contact ICAT