The Insight Care Assist Team (ICAT) is a dedicated team to assist customers that are experiencing financial hardship in a fair and impartial manner in line with section 72 of the National Credit Code. We have a hardship policy that assists in dealing with customers who are suffering financial hardship.

Financial hardship can be defined as when customers have an intention to pay but are unable to meet their repayments or existing financial obligations due to, for example:

  • Unexpected changes in income and/or expenditure
  • Changes in employment status (such as losing a job)
  • Significant life events (relationship breakdown, death in the family)
  • Prolonged illness or injury
  • Natural disaster

If you believe that you are experiencing financial hardship please proceed and complete an application for financial hardship.

Please be advised that we can proceed with normal collection activity on a customer if hardship requirements are not met and/or requested information is not provided to ICAT within the stipulated time frames.

Third Party Authority

You can authorise a person or organisation to act on your behalf, to do so please complete the Third Party Authority form below. Conversely, you may verbally authorise a third party to act on your behalf, however the third party must be present and this is only valid for the duration of that phone call.

If you would like to know more about verbal and written authority, please contact us on 1800 039 844 to discuss further.

Application to complete and return to Insight Mercantile:

Application for Hardship Assistance

Third Party Authority Form

Return the completed form with supporting documentation to one of the following;
Email: info@insightmercantile.com
Post: PO BOX 111, Northbridge WA 6865
Fax: (08) 9319 6667


Additional Information

Please refer to the following websites that provide useful information for customers who are experiencing financial hardship.

MoneySmart Calculators and Apps

Financial Counselling Australia

National Hardship Register

Money Minded


Application for Financial Hardship

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