Since 2010 we have held voluntary membership with the ASIC approved External Dispute Resolution organisation, CIO (Credit and Investments Ombudsman), Membership Number M0006558.

We have a documented Internal Dispute Resolution procedure for handling consumer complaints that meets the ISO Standard 10002-2006 and CIO membership rules procedure for handling consumer complaints.

We also hold a Debt Collectors Licence in Western Australia (number 5075) and its trust account is regularly audited by an independent registered auditor.

Under ISO 9001:2008 we are certified for all national offices meeting the international standard for quality management systems. Internal audits are conducted regularly on the quality management system to meet its quality, contractual, operational and statutory requirements thus mitigating risk. ISO9001 accreditation has been implemented since 2003.

Quality assurance through internal audits and ongoing training assist in ensuring that our people meet best practice in adhering to regulatory and legislative requirements. We also operate fully functional 24-7 call recordings for all outbound and inbound calls as part of our quality assurance program.