We value complaints as they assist us to improve our services and customer service.

Our mandate is to resolve complaints quickly and effectively with impartiality.

Responding to complaints

All collection activity shall cease whilst the complaint is being investigated, this includes potential complaints. You can expect an acknowledgement within 3 business days. Should you not receive a response within this timeframe please do not hesitate to contact the Team Manager.

The complaint will be investigated and, subject to the complexity of the complaint, we will endeavour to have the complaint resolved within 20 business days.

Customer’s Rights and Responsibilities

All customers have the right to make a complaint.

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome, please feel free to escalate.

At this point if you are still dissatisfied you can take your complaint to AFCA (Australian Financial Complaints Authority).

Analysis of Complaints

Complaints are recorded from the moment they are received until the matter is finalised. We review and analyse the data to establish if there any inherent trends in our process and to remediate with preventative action.

You can lodge your complaint by the following means:

By Post:

Insight Mercantile Pty Ltd

PO Box 111 Northbridge WA 6865


By Completing the following form:

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